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Brut Black Cologne by Faberge, A classic Faberge scent from 1964, Brut Black remains popular today as a uniquely appealing masculine cologne that combines earthy notes with tangy and spicy accents to stir the senses and pique interest in those the wearer meets. A citrusy blend is mixed with lively, peppery basil and rich licorice-like notes of anise and lavender to create a stand-out accord backed by an additional blend of floral and woodsy notes. Altogether, the fragrance is attention-grabbing, sensual and confident.

The design house of Faberge, already established as a luxury goods brand, initially launched the Brut line of men’s fragrances in 1964, which would go on to remain a classic in the years since while also expanding into grooming products such as aftershave and deodorant. Karl Mann is the nose behind these products, including Brut Black. The distinctive style of the Brut logo is evident on every scent’s packaging, as enduring as the formula within.

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