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Cuba Blue Cologne by Fragluxe, Cuba Blue/Fragluxe is a warm and spicy fragrance for men. It combines savory musk, spice, and woodsy notes with sweeter and lighter notes of vanilla for a unique summery scent that is perfect for hot nights in the city. It is a relatively mild scent with low sillage, and after being worn for some time it dries down to a faint, sweet vanilla fragrance. This makes it the ideal scent for low-key or casual events in which you want a scent without a lot of drama. Cuba Blue/Fragluxe is made by Cuba Paris. Founded in France in 1991, Cuba Paris is a fragrance company that attempts to capture the casual elegance of Cuba. The main ingredients of all perfumes and colognes made by the company are imported from Cuba, and fragrances are packaged in a distinctive cigar shaped tube which is intended as an homage to the importance of cigars in Cuban culture.

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Eau De Toilette.

Made in France.